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Visual Recipes - Life Skills - Valentine's Day Oreo Truffles - February - Autism

Visual Recipes - Life Skills - Valentine's Day Oreo Truffles - February - Autism

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I am SO incredibly excited to offer you my newest cooking series - visual recipes! This download is the PERFECT fit for any special education or life skills classroom! It is also a great addition to any general education teacher looking to incorporate simple no-bake cooking activities into their daily routine! Each recipe will have NO need for a stove or an oven. Only kitchen appliances you need for this oreo truffle recipe is a microwave to warm the chocolate chips up and a food processor to crush the cookies with. 

This visual recipes series will focus on one fun themed recipe for each month of the year. This Oreo Truffles visual recipe would be great to use for the month of February :)

Cooking is a great life skill for students to master - engage all your learners with this all-inclusive download! Each recipe comes with TWO levels of the same recipe. One is for non-readers and is very visual. The other level can be used for higher level learners in class. Differentiation all built into each lesson!


Purchase Includes:

- 1 visual recipe for Oreo Truffles (ingredients and directions)

- 8 recipe reflection questions with a heavy visual emphasis (including fun emojis!)

- 1 written recipe for Oreo Truffles

- 10 recipe reflection questions (more reading emphasis - but fun emojis still included!)

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