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Sex Education: Special Education and Life Skills Curriculum

Sex Education: Special Education and Life Skills Curriculum

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After years of trying to find a suitable unit to address the social dynamics of relationships, dating, and sex education in a realistic manner, I decided to create this to fill a major void in my classroom. This is Unit 3 of a 3-set unit that focuses on understanding relationships, figuring out the dating world, and learning about basic sex education. These lessons are geared toward special education students BUT would be a great fit for any general education classroom as well. **With this specific unit, your students will get a chance to learn about basic sex ed concepts in a visual and engaging way.**

Purchase Includes:

- 1 page of consequences when becoming sexually active

- 1 self reflection activity regarding these consequences

- 1 basic reproductive worksheet

- 1 worksheet where students practice reading pregnancy tests

- 1 page of fun facts about pregnancy

- 1 self reflection worksheet about these facts

- 1 prenatal development worksheet

- 1 sexual intercourse sequencing activity

- 1 page birth control options

- 2 pages about STDs

- 1 page about STDs

- true and false

- 1 self reflection activity about sex ed

- 2 pages about sex ed FAQ

- 1 review worksheet, overall review

- 1 word search 

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