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Rainbow Science Experiment - Special Education - Procedural Write GOOGLE BUNDLE

Rainbow Science Experiment - Special Education - Procedural Write GOOGLE BUNDLE

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Looking to add a little hands-on fun into your class but don't know where to start? Integrating science with reading and writing skills can help to bring learning to life! Whenever I bring these fun rainbow lessons out, students can't help but be captivated by the color explosions happening right before their eyes.

What is unique about this download is that the worksheets are 100% DIGITAL. No paper needed! As long as you have a google account, you will be able to share these worksheets with your students using a free platform like Google Classroom or other similar sites. 

I have decided to bundle my popular Google Drive rainbow lessons so you can save 20%! Separately, these units would cost you $10. Buy them now for only $8! With this purchase, you will get access to FOUR fun, rainbow experiments. 

(1) Rainbow Clouds

(2) Rainbow Snake

(3) Rainbow Tower

(4) Rainbow Milk 

Kids absolutely love participating in helping bring the "rainbows" to life and parents are even more happy to see the reading, writing, and science that went behind creating them. Students beg for these activities each year and I am sure yours will too! Even though this lesson was originally designed for special education students, this download is a perfect addition to any classroom because of its high interest content, visual, and hands on teaching methods.


Purchase Includes: 

Rainbow Science, DIGITAL Unit 1 ($5)

Rainbow Science, DIGITAL Unit 2 ($5)



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