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Presidential Election 2020 - Donald Trump - Joe Biden - Jeopardy Game - Unit 3

Presidential Election 2020 - Donald Trump - Joe Biden - Jeopardy Game - Unit 3

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With the 2020 Election Day fast approaching, students will be surrounded by presidential election coverage everywhere they go. Although this purchase was created specifically with special education students in mind, it is a great starting point for an introduction to elections for ANY classroom!

This unit gives your students a chance to participate in an interactive JEOPARDY game! What kid doesn't love playing Jeopardy in class? Guaranteed to be a huge hit during this election year! The template comes complete with pre-made questions and answers focusing on the 2020 presidential election. All you need to do is present it to start playing!

Please note: This unit has been used in special education classrooms with much success. If you feel like you need a more detailed lesson plan for your students, this may not be the best fit. This lesson was intended to introduce students with limited reading and writing skills to the basic concepts of elections in a meaningful manner

Purchase Includes:

  • Fifteen questions w/ answers on election vocabulary
  • Five questions w/ answers that challenge students to guess which candidate believes in the prompt provided (ex: who believes in more gun control laws?)
  • Five questions w/ answers on the Electoral College map where students are provided with the map and asked to answer simple questions looking at it
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