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Morning Meeting - Special Education - Life Skills - Distance Learning - GOOGLE

Morning Meeting - Special Education - Life Skills - Distance Learning - GOOGLE

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Are you looking for ways to build a routine into your daily classroom instruction? With more and more school districts going towards distance learning, it is even more important now to build solid routines in place for students in an online setting. This DIGITAL Morning Meeting download is a great way for teachers to start class in an engaging and meaningful way. Special education students tremendously benefit from clear routines and, by structuring your lessons around this activity, students can gain familiarity and independence with class procedures.

This lesson is Google Drive compatible. Google Drive is an amazing resource that many educators are now using as an interface to support 1:1 digital instruction in the classroom. The topics covered are all age appropriate, meaningful, and aim to provide you with a more holistic perspective of the student's school, home, and social life. Please make sure to watch the video preview to see this product in action!

How I Use This in the Classroom: 

Once you have this file saved in your Google Drive, you can share this with your students during your online classes OR project it onto your classroom board. I like to randomly pick students to help me complete each slide. They help to drag/drop the items into the correct locations. For some of the slides, I ask for multiple volunteers to come up if they'd like to share as well (ex: "what do you plan to do today?"). I make sure to end with the agenda for the day so students can see what we will be working on for the remainder of the class period. You can easily edit the document by removing any slides you do not need. To reset the activity each day, simply restore it to an original version on Google Drive!

Purchase Includes DIGITAL Access To:

  • "The Month Is" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • "The Date Is" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • "The Year Is" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • "Today Is" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • "Yesterday Was" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • "Tomorrow Will Be" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • "Today's Weather Is" Drag and Drop Worksheet (w/ link to site)
  • "Tomorrow's Weather Will Be" Drag and Drop Worksheet (w/ link to site)
  • "Clothing Choices" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • "Breakfast" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • "How Are You Feeling Today?" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • "What I Plan To Do Today" Drag and Drop Worksheet
  • Templates for "Things to Remember," "Birthdays," "Today's Agenda," "Homework," "Important Dates," and "Reminders"
  • Editable blank banners included as well!



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