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Life Skills - Workplace Social Skills - Task Cards - Vocational - Transition

Life Skills - Workplace Social Skills - Task Cards - Vocational - Transition

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Gaining employment is a goal for many students. In the workplace, there are various social situations that require insightful responses from employees. For students with disabilities, these scenarios can be very tricky to successfully overcome.

I have created these task cards to hopefully fill a void - I know I needed something for my students to practice role playing conversations in a structured but realistic and fun way. With this download, you will get the workplace social skills practice you are looking for!! This task cards offer a realistic and versatile approach to workplace conversations using a variety of scenarios your students might encounter while working. Reacting appropriately to these prompts can serve to build invaluable soft skills that can result in long-term employment success!

How I Use This In My Classroom:

I print these cards out on a variety of bright paper. I choose to laminate them to aid in their longevity, but using them just as paper is fine too! Depending on the year and the types of students I have, I do whole group discussions and then break into smaller groups for more individualized attention. You will notice the discussions that follow these prompts will provide you with honest feedback and insight on how students' minds work during these often unique and stressful situations. With proper guidance and support, these task cards are great to review social concepts that can often be difficult to replicate in a classroom environment.


Purchase Includes:

- 54 Workplace Social Skills Task Cards With Real World Scenarios

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