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Life Skills - Warm Ups - Homework - Winter - Special Education - January

Life Skills - Warm Ups - Homework - Winter - Special Education - January

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This is a print and go activity specifically designed for life skills level students to assist them with functional reading, writing, and math skills. These worksheets are great to be used during the winter months! Each worksheet works on a variety of life skills students will need to live an independent life outside of school.

This is a Print and Go, No Prep Activity! It would be great for students to do this as the school day starts or complete it in differentiated centers. It can be easily used for homework as well.

Purchase Includes:

  • 3 pages of dollar up strategy practice, using a kitchen timer, and reading expiration dates
  • 3 pages of telling time using an analog clock, simple paycheck math, and using measuring spoons
  • 3 pages of personal information practice, dollar up practice, and creating passwords given specific requirements
  • 3 pages of filling out paperwork practice, understanding road signs, and identifying generic vs. name brand items
  • 3 pages of using measuring cups practice, selecting the right kitchen tool to measure ingredients, and time management scenarios
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