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Life Skills Warm Ups - Homework - St. Patrick's Day - March - Special Education

Life Skills Warm Ups - Homework - St. Patrick's Day - March - Special Education

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This is a print and go activity specifically designed for life skills level students to assist them with functional reading, writing, and math skills. These worksheets are for the month of March and have a fun St. Patrick's Day theme to them! Each worksheet works on a variety of life skills students will need to live an independent life outside of school.

This is a Print and Go, No Prep Activity! It would be great for students to do this as the school day starts or complete it in differentiated centers. It can be easily used for homework as well.

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  • 3 pages of exact money totaling (using a calculator), identifying household items, knowing where to locate items in the grocery store, and basic personal information practice
  • 3 pages of map practice w/ a St. Patrick's Day theme, knowing the meaning of commonly used abbreviations, and answering comprehension questions using functional documents
  • 3 pages of counting the right amount of bills using the dollar up strategy, stating the dollar up total by looking at a price tag, and reading expiration dates on items
  • 3 pages of personal information practice, differentiating between name/city/state, and approximating measurements
  • 3 pages St. Patrick's day math and ELA activities, selecting the correct meaning of road signs, and reading a temperature on a thermometer


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