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Life Skills - Visual Task Analysis - Special Education BUNDLE

Life Skills - Visual Task Analysis - Special Education BUNDLE

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With this BUNDLE, you will get access to TEN visual task analysis checklists focused on a wide variety of important life skills. These checklists serve as the perfect visual reminder for important real world tasks.

A total of four differentiated versions of the task analysis checklist are included with EACH of the life skills themes. This helps to make sure you are able to best meet the unique learning needs in your classroom.

Separately, these files would cost you $30. Buy them now as a bundle and pay only $24!

Purchase Includes:
  • Loading Dishwasher Task Analysis
  • Unloading Dishwasher Task Analysis
  • Delivering Mail Task Analysis
  • Laundry Task Analysis
  • Loading Groceries Task Analysis
  • Putting Groceries Away Task Analysis
  • Ordering Food From a Menu Task Analysis
  • Sweeping the Floor Task Analysis
  • Washing Hands Task Analysis
  • Wiping Surfaces Task Analysis
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