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Life Skills Visual Recipes - Reading - Special Education Cooking - Autism Bundle

Life Skills Visual Recipes - Reading - Special Education Cooking - Autism Bundle

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Are you looking to teach your students some real world reading skills? Reading recipes is an excellent way to get students engaged with this very important life skill. Although there are many kinds of recipes out there, students with trouble reading can get easily overwhelmed with the amount of information on a page. With these fun VISUAL RECIPES, students can get an opportunity to follow along with step by step pictures visually outlining what to do. Each recipe comes with a variety of worksheets that are differentiated for students of different ability levels.

I have decided to bundle my popular visual recipe worksheets together for a great price! Separately, each of these downloads would cost $15. Buy them as a bundle to save 20% and pay only $12 for them all!

Cooking is a great life skill for students to master - engage all your learners with this all-inclusive download! As an extension activity, you can practice cooking these recipes with your students to build even more hands on instruction into your classroom. This is a great download for any teacher looking to bring more real world instruction into their lessons, all while increasing student engagement and motivation in the process as well!

Purchase Includes:

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly and Smoothie Recipes
  • French Toast and English Muffin Pizza Recipes
  • Seven Layer Dip and Egg in a Hole Recipes



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