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Life Skills - Task Cards Bundle - Cooking - Reading - Math - Money

Life Skills - Task Cards Bundle - Cooking - Reading - Math - Money

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This 16 SET TASK CARDS bundle presents students with a wide range of life skills lessons they can use in the real world. From practicing things like cooking skills, money skills, grocery shopping, communication skills, and much more, this bundle is a perfect addition to any life skills classroom.

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Separately, these 16 activities would cost you $80. Buy them as a bundle and save 20% - pay only $64!

Purchase Includes Access To:


  1. Coupons Task Cards
  2. Cooking Tools
  3. Money, Unit One
  4. Money, Unit Two
  5. Shoe Store Task Cards
  6. Calculating Change Task Cards
  7. Calculating Totals Task Cards
  8. Identifying Personal Info Task Cards
  9. Medicine Task Cards, Unit One
  10. Using the Stove Task Cards
  11. Using the Oven Task Cards
  12. Using the Microwave Task Cards
  13. Time Task Cards, Unit One
  14. Time Task Cards, Unit Two
  15. Time Task Cards, Unit Three
  16. Time Task Cards, Unit Four
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