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Life Skills - Special Education - Sending Mail - Interviewing - Coloring Pages

Life Skills - Special Education - Sending Mail - Interviewing - Coloring Pages

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Interactive Life Skills Coloring Pages are great NO PREP worksheets that couple real world life skills with simple coloring activities! Who doesn't love to color? Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find educationally driven coloring sheets that provide learning opportunities for students in the process. This product helps to change that by providing teachers with the flexibility needed to integrate fun coloring sheets that test students' knowledge on a variety of real world topics.

This download specifically helps students with concepts of HOW TO SEND MAIL and HOW TO INTERVIEW. Step by step instructions are provided in an engaging and visual manner. What is great about this item is that there are THREE LEVELS of differentiated activities included with each themed coloring activity to help students further delve into these topics. Please make sure to check out the preview to see a sample of the product before purchasing.

By combining real world visuals with important, functional topics, students of all learning abilities can have a chance to participate meaningfully in classroom curriculum.

Purchase Includes:

- Level A, B, and C How to Send Mail Activities

- Level A, B, and C How to Interview Activities

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