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Life Skills - Scope and Sequence - Pacing Guide - FREEBIE - Math

Life Skills - Scope and Sequence - Pacing Guide - FREEBIE - Math

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Over the years, I have encountered many teachers starting a life skills classroom and having no idea where to begin. Starting a new position can be challenging enough but having to figure out curriculum is what leaves many new educators feeling helpless during these crucial stages of classroom development. To help with this, I have created a FREEBIE that outlines a clear scope and sequence on how you can structure your life skills lessons. Whether you are starting this profession or just looking to add some new lessons to your routine, I hope you find this freebie useful!


This freebie specifically outlines MATH lessons that involve real world learning. Although these are great for higher level life skills students and lower level resource room secondary level students, ANY teacher looking to integrate more real world instruction into their lessons would benefit from this freebie!


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- Scope and Sequence for Life Skills Math Curriculum



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