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Life Skills - Real World Documents - Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Life Skills - Real World Documents - Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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 These NO PREP reading comprehension worksheets use functional documents students will run across in the real world. Each document is presented in a realistic manner to simulate the information in an age appropriate way. A total of FIVE different documents are included in this download. The sample documents are: dog grooming schedule, work badge, store advertisement, birthday invitation, and a visual recipe. Three differentiated levels are included for each of these documents.

Level one has students trace their responses on the worksheet. Level two color codes the answers so students can more easily scan the text for the correct answer. Finally, level three gives students the opportunity to find the answer on their own.

❤️ How I Use This In My Classroom ❤️

These worksheets help me collect data for reading goals on students' IEPs. A sample goal you can use for your students with these worksheets could be:

"By mm/dd/yy, when given a randomly selected functional document, Student X will answer comprehension questions about it from answering these questions with ___% accuracy to ___% accuracy on at least 3 consecutive attempts, as measured by classroom based assessments"

Purchase Includes:

  • A total of Five Real World Documents
  • Five Level A (Tracing) Worksheets For Each Document
  • Five Level B (Color Coded) Worksheets For Each Document
  • Five Level C (Find the Answer) Worksheets For Each Document
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