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Life Skills Reading + Math: Road Signs and Driving JEOPARDY GAME!

Life Skills Reading + Math: Road Signs and Driving JEOPARDY GAME!

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With this download, you get access to both a POWERPOINT and GOOGLE SLIDES file that helps students practice road safety skills using a game format.

Students will have to answer 15 questions on basic sign identification, 5 questions on WHERE specific road signs can be found (ex: roadwork sign may be near a construction site), and 10 questions on WHAT TO DO when encountering specific signs (ex: yield - slow down and look to see if it is safe to enter). By differentiating the skill set, all students can participate.

Both a Google Slides and PowerPoint file are included with your purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: the Google Slides template does not cross off, change color or delete the $ amount once it is chosen. A workaround is included where you can manually drag x's over the point values once a value is chosen, but it requires an extra step on the teacher's part. If you would like to have the point values automatically change color once the $ amount has been chosen, please use the PowerPoint file included instead.

Purchase Includes:

  • Jeopardy style game with 30 questions on road signs
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