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Life Skills Reading, Math and Grocery Shopping: Using a Grocery Ad

Life Skills Reading, Math and Grocery Shopping: Using a Grocery Ad

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I am *so* excited to offer you this download because I know it can be such an easy boost for any life skills classroom! Bring the real world into your teaching by teaching kids how to use grocery ads in a meaningful and fun way.

Typically, in order for students to work on worksheets using grocery ads in my class, I've always had to get a set of 12-15 and hope no pages go missing. Well, that is a thing of the past as I have no scanned them and made them DIGITAL! This is a print and go packet - each page comes with a scanned image from a grocery ad with comprehension questions to follow.

Students are asked to locate prices, figure out phrases like "buy one get one free," calculate prices for multiple items/pounds, and calculate the price for items priced like "3 for $5". 

I have recently updated this download to include two versions! Version A provides both the grocery ad and questions on one sheet (great for teachers looking to save on paper and ink). Version B provides the grocery ad enlarged on one full sheet of paper with corresponding questions on another sheet (great for teachers with students who have trouble reading smaller print). For version B, if you laminate the pages, you can use them for years to come!


Purchase Includes:

- 9 pages of actual grocery ad images

- 8 comprehension questions per image - that is a total of 72 questions!!


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