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Life Skills Reading and Writing: Phone Skills and Communication

Life Skills Reading and Writing: Phone Skills and Communication

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Being able to hold an appropriate phone conversation is an important life skill for students to master. Many of my life skills students are unable to meaningfully engage with others on the phone, whether they are with their peers, family, or teachers. This specific social skill can often get easily overlooked in the classroom. I have created this PRINT AND GO unit to scaffold students' understanding of how to appropriately talk with people on the phone in a wide range of scenarios.

I have created this packet to hopefully fill a void - I know I needed something for my students to practice role playing conversations in a structured but realistic and fun way. With this download, you will get all the practice you are looking for!!

Purchase Includes:

  • An activity reviewing key vocabulary like area code and important contact information.
  • An activity where students practice their understanding of emergency numbers (911)
  • An activity where students use the internet to find the phone numbers of local establishments (ex: post office, hospital, school, etc.)
  • An activity with comprehension questions that assess background knowledge on students' phone conversation skills
  • 11 structured role play activities where students fill in conversations, given specific prompts. (Could do this orally as well!)
  • 1 page (4 prompts) where students are asked to take a phone message
  • Blank phone message slips are included for students to write on


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