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Life Skills Reading and Math: Budget GAME BOARDS, Unit 3

Life Skills Reading and Math: Budget GAME BOARDS, Unit 3

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After battling with my students every year to try and get them to enjoy math, I finally have come up with something that each student in my class has LOVED to do.

With these game boards, students have a chance to practice seeing how far their budget takes them in a game that is realistically mirrored to reflect life events that they may experience on their own. Things like filling up gas, buying groceries, getting paid, and even receiving money on birthdays are all financial events that impact our budget.

All you need for this download is a dice for students to roll and some place markers for them to know where they are (nothing fancy - different colored paperclips have worked just fine for me!)

Included with this download are instructions on how to vary this game up to make it last longer and become more challenging for those who are ready to be tested.

This activity is also a great way to review calculator skills as well.

Although this is designed with special education students in mind, ANY student can benefit from this game as a fun way to learn about budgeting in the real world!

Purchase Includes:

- 5 different kinds of game boards, all with different monetary events

- 1 recording sheet where students will keep tabs on their budget after each roll

- 1 budget game reflection reviewing key vocabulary



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