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Life Skills Money and Math - Counting Money BUNDLE

Life Skills Money and Math - Counting Money BUNDLE

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Year after year, my students struggle with concepts of money. The struggles range from bill and coin identification all the way up to adding mixed bills/coin totals up successfully. I have heard from other teachers as well that this is a very real problem for many of today's students. 

To address this need, I have created a fun set of activities to challenge students to truly understand money in a fun and hands on way. 

Save and buy all 6 sets in this special bundle! Separately, these would cost you $30. Buy them all together as a bundle for only $24. That is 20% off the purchase price!

Purchase Includes: 

Money, Unit 1 (Coins Interactive Notebook - $5)

Money Unit 2 (Bills Interactive Notebook - $5)

Money Unit 3 (Coin Worksheet Packet - $5)

Money Unit 4 (Dollar Bill Worksheet Packet - $5)

Money Unit 5 (GOOGLE Edition - $5)

Money Unit 6 (GOOGLE Edition - $5)



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