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Life Skills - Job Skills - GOOGLE - Vocational Skills - Career Picture Match

Life Skills - Job Skills - GOOGLE - Vocational Skills - Career Picture Match

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This set of DIGITAL task cards focuses on having students match a job setting with the correct employee who would work there. In Unit One, students are given a picture of a job site and asked to select the employee that would work there from a field of TWO visual answers. This activity is great for non-readers to practice working on matching skills using real world content. An audio recording is included to have the directions read out loud. By using context clues in each picture, students can identify which employee would work there. This lesson would be a great framework to introduce students to a variety of job titles, working conditions, and job requirements. A total of 35 jobs are included with your purchase.

This activity is specifically formatted to be used with Google Drive and is compatible with Google Classroom. Google Drive is an amazing resource that many educators are now using as an interface to support 1:1 digital instruction in the classroom. I pair it up with Google Classroom (a free website) that allows me to digitally send each student in my class a copy of the worksheets that they later submit to me for grading. It is an amazing paper-free process and the kids LOVE working on these worksheets on the computer.

You can use this in your classroom in a variety of ways. For students who are more cognitively impaired, this activity is a great way to work on functional picture matching with age-appropriate material. For higher level differentiation, you can have students name each employee's job and what tasks they might be responsible for doing. Additionally, you can have students describe what the different employee workplaces might be like, and what tools might be necessary for them to use. 

Make sure to watch the video preview to see a sample from my actual product!

Purchase Includes DIGITAL ACCESS To:

  • Thirty Five Pictures of a Job Site With TWO Visual Answer Fields As Choices



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