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Life Skills - Interactive Bulletin Board - Community Signs - Special Education

Life Skills - Interactive Bulletin Board - Community Signs - Special Education

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I am really excited to offer my newest line of products, INTERACTIVE bulletin boards! One of the most difficult things while teaching life skills to students is finding age appropriate and meaningful bulletin boards for the classroom. I created this product to provide teachers with a wide range of options to create real-world themed bulletin boards that students could interact with. What is unique about this product is that it couples life skills instruction with hands-on learning and visuals to bring learning to life.

This specific product focuses on COMMUNITY SIGNS and assesses students on a wide range of signs they might encounter in the community. This product is great to use on normal bulletin boards, but can also be used easily on whiteboards as well!

How I Use This in My Classroom:

I print and laminate all of the pages from this download and separate the definitions into two sections (Level A and Level B are included). I pick an appropriate leveled set and put definitions on one side of the board and pictures on the other side. Depending on where you use this bulletin board, use either push pins or magnets to hold the definitions and visuals up. I call students up one at a time and have them find the matching pair for each item. When students have mastered Level A, I have them move onto Level B which is aimed to support higher level learners. I love to use a variety of interactive whiteboards in my class and have students rotate through them on a biweekly or monthly basis to continually practice real world skills in a hands on manner.

Purchase Includes:

  • Variety of Bulletin Board Title Options (Both Color & Black and White)
  • 24 Level A Definitions
  • 24 Level B Definitions
  • 24 Community Signs Images
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