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Life Skills Halloween Dollar Up Task Cards {Money} {Shopping} {Math}

Life Skills Halloween Dollar Up Task Cards {Money} {Shopping} {Math}

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Wanting to teach your life skills students money concepts but struggling with them counting change? Worry not! The Dollar Up Method is here to help! With a fun Halloween theme, your students will be begging for more!

With this strategy, students always round UP to the nearest dollar to account for things like sales tax.

Have your students practice the Dollar Up Strategy in this fun and interactive way. This is great to use for IEP goals as well!

Purchase Includes:

- 20 images of Halloween themed items with corresponding one dollar, five dollar, and ten dollar bills.

What I do with my students is give them these cards laminated, and then we go over the answers together. I also do it as a whole group activity on the projector. Students use vis a vis markers so they can be easily washed and reused again later!

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