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Life Skills - Grocery Store - Shopping - Vocabulary - Word of the Day - GOOGLE

Life Skills - Grocery Store - Shopping - Vocabulary - Word of the Day - GOOGLE

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One of the biggest limitations students have in my classroom is a functional understanding of real world vocabulary. In order to lead a successful and independent life outside of the classroom, it is crucial for them to begin to use the words they will experience in life in a confident and fluent manner. I have created these DIGITAL WORD OF THE DAY worksheets where students work on themed vocabulary units in a manner that promotes their understanding at a truly functional and engaging level.

With this purchase, you get access to twenty worksheets that each focus on a different GROCERY themed word to help support kids in their ability to independently navigate a grocery store. This is a great resource to use for pre-teaching students vocabulary they will need for CBI or other types of field trips to the grocery store. The format is consistent and really challenges students to relate to the vocabulary on a more personal and meaningful level. 

This activity is specifically formatted to be used with Google Drive and is compatible with Google Classroom. Google Drive is an amazing resource that many educators are now using as an interface to support 1:1 digital instruction in the classroom. I pair it up with Google Classroom (a free website) that allows me to digitally send each student in my class a copy of the worksheets that they later submit to me for grading. Students simply type their responses in the colored boxes. It is an amazing paper-free process and the kids LOVE working on these worksheets on the computer.  

These word of the day units have made a tremendous impact in my classroom and I am sure they will do the same in yours. Whether you are a special education teacher looking to expose your kids to more vocabulary or simply a teacher looking to prepare your students more for the real world, this NO PREP, 100% DIGITAL PACKET packet is exactly what you need to bring learning to a whole new level.


Purchase Includes DIGITAL ACCESS To: 

  • 20 Grocery Store Vocabulary Worksheets With Reflection Opportunities
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