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Life Skills FREEBIE - Task Analysis - IEP Goal Bank Ideas

Life Skills FREEBIE - Task Analysis - IEP Goal Bank Ideas

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Every year, coming up with FUNCTIONAL IEP goals is of utmost importance for students' success outside of the classroom. It is important that the IEP team work together to select goals that are relevant, age appropriate, and directly applicable to the real world to ensure future independence.

This FREEBIE provides you with examples of meaningful goal areas that you can work on with your students to increase independence outside of your classroom. The specific goal areas and objectives included in this download are for MONEY SKILLS, TIME SKILLS, and MEASUREMENT CUP SKILLS. Each goal area comes with a scaffolded breakdown of multiple objectives students could work on to achieve independence in that skill area.

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By using this task analysis document, you can create functional goals, track student progress, and pinpoint specific areas of strength and weakness your student might have. This resource is also a great way to analyze and find current baseline data for your students in the life skills setting, all while addressing concrete skills they need to work on to make growth in that specific area.

How I Use This in My Classroom:

I like to analyze the document and pick a 2 to 3 themes to have students work on in class throughout the school year. This number can be adjusted depending on the specific goal areas your student has in his/her IEP. Print paper copies of those pages and add them to a specific folder / binder that paras and teachers have access to throughout the day. You can work through the document from the top and progress until you see a student is not showing mastery in an area. Mastery could be showing whatever goal you have set for them in 3 or more settings. Staff can gather data on each objective through a variety of formal and informal assessment points. That data is recorded in the chart and then you can continue moving down the list until full independence is achieved. This would be great to share with members of the IEP team at annual IEP meetings as well!

Purchase Includes:

  • Money Skills With Scaffolded Breakdown of Objectives
  • Time Skills With Scaffolded Breakdown of Objectives
  • Measurement Cup Skills With Scaffolded Breakdown of Objectives


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