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Job Skills - Warm Ups - Life Skills - Vocational Skills - FREEBIE

Job Skills - Warm Ups - Life Skills - Vocational Skills - FREEBIE

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Providing students with simulated job skills practice in the classroom is a key part of ensuring their success while working at a job site in the community. If you are looking for a NO PREP activity that focuses on functional reading, writing, and math skills, this FREEBIE is for you! These life skills warm ups focus on job skills needed while working at a variety of different job sites. Each worksheet is structured similarly to build independence and mastery for students with learning disabilities. These worksheets will let students practice different skills needed while working at specific job sites.


This freebie also includes a DIGITAL version of these worksheets so you can pick whichever option is an appropriate fit for your classroom needs.

❤️ How I Use This In My Classroom ❤️

To practice a wide range of job skills, I provide my students with one worksheet a day. Each week focuses on a new job theme. We start the week by modeling the answers together as a class and engage in discussions about why we would need to know how to do those things at a job site. Once students are given instruction on how to complete the tasks, I slowly let them do more of the tasks independently. By the end of the week, students should be able to complete the work on their own. If more instruction is needed, I work in small groups to target specific areas where more growth is needed (ex: analog clock, dollar up, etc.).

Purchase Includes Access To:

  • Themed Job Skills Worksheets (both color and black & white copies are included)
  • Digital copies of the worksheets are included as well


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