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iPhone - iPad - Special Education - Life Skills - Worksheets - BUNDLE

iPhone - iPad - Special Education - Life Skills - Worksheets - BUNDLE

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As a special education/life skills teacher, I am always on the lookout for ways to integrate real world instruction into the classroom as much as possible. Nowadays, almost everybody has a phone on them. I have often noticed that many of my students don't know how to use basic features on their devices like setting up an alarm, speech transcription, or even checking the weather for the day! I have created this packet to help scaffold students' use of their iPads and/or iPhones in a functional, real world sense.

Before you purchase, please make sure your student(s) have access to either an iPad or an iPhone so they can follow along with the visuals and prompts provided. This bundle is updated to include iOS 11.0.3 changes. 

The skills practiced in this packet would also be great to include for IEP goal writing. Whether you use them for independent living or adaptive/self-help skills, you cannot get much more functional than these! Buy this BUNDLE now and save 20%! Separately, these packets would cost you $10. Buy them both for only $8!

Purchase Includes:

iPhone and iPads, Unit One

iPhone and iPads, Unit Two


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