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Human Body - Organs - Special Education - Science - Reading - Writing - Unit One

Human Body - Organs - Special Education - Science - Reading - Writing - Unit One

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Have you been looking to integrate more science content into your classroom instruction but don't really know where to begin? This human body download is for you! Learning about a variety of organs provides students with an introduction to, not only what goes on internally in their bodies, but a perspective on health itself! Although initially designed for special education, life skills students, any student could benefit from the visual and simplistic language used in this entire packet.


If your students are anything like mine, they really struggle pulling meaningful information from the internet. They either copy an entire paragraph of words they don't understand or spend all their time trying to find one part of their research. This download was created so the guesswork could be taken out and students could already have all the information laid out for them in an easy to read format.


How I Use This in My Classroom:

Depending on the size of your classroom, I create centers and students rotate through each center where there is a different organ assigned. I laminate the mini posters that have all the information present and put 2-3 copies at each table. They function essentially like bookmarks. Students then participate collaboratively and answer the questions about each organ. Typically, verbal discussion is great but students can write down answers too on their provided response sheets. When they are done, they rotate to the next center with a different assigned organ. We then meet as a group and share what we learned about each organ together as a class! Kids absolutely love it, and the scaffolded process really helps them engage in a much more meaningful way!


Purchase Includes:

  • Brain Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Bladder Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Eyeball Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Gallbladder Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Heart Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Kidneys Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Liver Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Large Intestine Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Lungs Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Pancreas Facts w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Skin Facts, w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Small Intestine Facts, w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Spleen Facts, w/ Comprehension Questions
  • Stomach Facts, w/ Comprehension Questions


This is a PRINT AND GO activity! Both Color and Black & White Versions Included!


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