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Digital Class Banking System - Token Economy - Money - Budget - GOOGLE

Digital Class Banking System - Token Economy - Money - Budget - GOOGLE

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Get rid of all those paper classroom dollar bills and coins with this completely DIGITAL classroom token economy system. Structured very similarly to online banking apps, this activity teaches students how to manage their money online with a simple click! This download walks you step-by-step through the process of setting up your online class banking system. I have included videos showing each step to help you quickly learn how easy it is to make this happen in your own classroom.

This activity provides you with a framework for a class bank using Google Sheets. Deposits are automatically coded in green and withdrawals are automatically coded in red. As the teacher enters these transactions on behalf of the student (essentially functioning as the "bank,") the students can monitor them on their own by scanning their codes on their cards. You will get FULLY EDITABLE card templates that you can individualize for each of your students. They are realistic and are very age-appropriate alternatives for students to use to access their balances. Steps are broken down with video instructions to walk you through each part of the process. Once setup, you will be blown away with how amazing this system is to use and how many great life skills you can work on with your students in the process. 

Although initially designed for life skills students to expose them to money management, credit / debit use, and banking, this activity would be an excellent addition for any teacher looking to integrate more real world learning opportunities into daily instruction.


How to Use This In Your Classroom:

I provide each one of my students a unique card that they can use to access their balances. Every week, students earn a set amount of money which you can count as a "salary." Throughout the week, the teacher can add more deposits into the students' bank account for positive behavior, work completion, etc. The teacher can also charge the student for things as well (ex: missing HW, supplies, etc.). To make this fun, you can make a class store that students can save up for to buy things later (ex: candy, trinkets, etc.).


⭐️Since this "app" updates in real time whenever you make any changes, students can always have up to date balances for their bank account very much like we can do when accessing online banking apps⭐️

This is a highly motivating way to get students to learn about banking, money management, and credit / debit card usage.

Purchase Includes DIGITAL Access To:

  • A Google Sheets template that automatically calculates deposits and withdrawals.
  • Video instructions on how to use the Google Sheets template
  • Fully editable card templates (two sizes included for different student needs)
  • Video instructions on how to edit the cards and create QR codes
  • Video instructions showing how students can easily access their balances using an electronic device like a phone or iPad


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