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Life Skills Reading - Road Intersections Task Cards

Life Skills Reading - Road Intersections Task Cards

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Help your students practice their real world reading and independent living skills with these LIFE SKILLS task cards! In this activity, students will take a look at various road maps and figure out how to locate the correct street intersections on the map. A total of two DIFFERENTIATED versions are included with your purchase as well. Level A includes a randomly marked intersection and students are asked to select the correct name of the intersection from a field of two multiple choice answers. Level B includes the same road maps, but this time students are given the intersection and asked to locate it themselves.

A total of FORTY task cards are included with your purchase (20 Level A task cards and 20 Level B task cards). The task cards will fit in 4 x 6 containers for easy storage.

This is the perfect lesson for students wanting to become more independent in their communities, those interested in driving, or taking public transit as well!

Purchase Includes Access To:

- 20 Level A Task Cards (Multiple Choice Answers)

- 20 Level B Task Cards (Students Fill In Response)
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