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Life Skills - Game of Life - Real World Budget Practice - Math - GOOGLE

Life Skills - Game of Life - Real World Budget Practice - Math - GOOGLE

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In this DIGITAL activity, students will get to jump right into what it's like for them to live on their own. They will get randomly assigned a career and salary, and have a variety of "stations" they rotate through to simulate real world expenses they will need to budget for.

This activity is specifically formatted to be used with Google Drive and is compatible with Google Classroom. Google Drive is an amazing resource that many educators are now using as an interface to support 1:1 digital instruction in the classroom. I pair it up with Google Classroom (a free website) that allows me to digitally send each student in my class a copy of the worksheets that they later submit to me for grading. With this lesson, students are able to drag and drop images into their correct locations. It is an amazing paper-free process and the kids LOVE working on these worksheets on the computer.

Students will get to select a wide variety of options while participating in this game of life simulation. Whether it is finding the right home, car, cell phone package, or place to shop for groceries, all of their choices will matter! They will also experience random life events that get thrown their way like a flat tire, broken appliance, or a surprise bonus at work. The financial ups and downs just never stop!

Purchase Includes DIGITAL Access To:

  • Version One: Large posters with real world financial choices students will have to pick from. A total of 11 "station" posters are included. A budgeting sheet is also included. Teachers also have access to a "Random Life Events" worksheet that they can pass out randomly to students for them to practice budgeting for unplanned financial events.
  • Version Two: This version condenses everything noted above into a printable worksheet format for easy all-in-one access. Simple comprehension questions are also included for each "station."
  • A reflection worksheet comes with both versions.
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