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Job Skills Digital Clock in and Clock Out Timesheet

Job Skills Digital Clock in and Clock Out Timesheet

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This download provides teachers with a DIGITAL template to help students practice clocking in and out of work. Instead of keeping track of paper and manually entering responses, this template allows you the flexibility of providing your students with a more realistic and tech-savvy way to to simulate real world job skills.

With your purchase, you get access to a total of SIX differentiated timesheet levels so that all students of various ability levels can practice this very important skill. Each timesheet is on Google Forms.

What makes this download unique is that you will get access to a STEP BY STEP VIDEO TUTORIAL on how you can set up digital time stations in your classroom. Although initially designed for life skills / special education teachers, any teacher looking to integrate more real world skills into their classroom could benefit from this activity.

Ideas for Use in Your Classroom:

  • Place individual cards on students' desks so they can scan them easily
  • Hang your entire class roster on an easily accessible wall. Students can find and scan their correct card each day
  • Place all the rosters on a binder ring and students can flip through until they find their correct card
  • Teachers can check the responses to make sure students' are scanning and entering the right info. This is great data for IEPs.

Purchase Includes Access To:


  • 6 differentiated timesheet cards templates using Google Forms
  • Both a written and video step by step tutorial are included to help you start making your digital system
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