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Back to School - GOOGLE - Digital About Me Worksheets - Distance Learning

Back to School - GOOGLE - Digital About Me Worksheets - Distance Learning

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As more and more districts start school online this year, teachers are looking for meaningful ways to integrate DIGITAL activities that can help foster the personal connections that are embedded at the core of teaching. This back to school "About Me" activity takes a timeless activity and adds a new online twist to it! Students participate in a variety of activities that help to get them to share more about themselves. Teachers can tremendously benefit from the information shared on these worksheets and can use the students' answers to build the framework needed for a successful school year.


This lesson is Google Drive compatible. Google Drive is an amazing resource that many educators are now using as an interface to support 1:1 digital instruction in the classroom. I pair it up with Google Classroom (a free website) that allows me to digitally send each student in my class a copy of the worksheets that they later submit to me for grading. It is an amazing paper-free process and the kids LOVE working on these worksheets on the computer.

Students are able to type directly onto the worksheets and are able to drag and drop a variety of objects as well to make the task more engaging. The topics covered are all age appropriate, meaningful, and aim to provide you with a more holistic perspective of the student's school, home, and social life. Please make sure to watch the video preview to see this product in action!


Purchase Includes DIGITAL Access To: 

  • "All About Me" Worksheet
  • "Selfie Time" Worksheet
  • "My Family" Worksheet
  • "My Friends" Worksheet
  • "Summer" Worksheet
  • "Chores I Do" Worksheet
  • "Favorite Music" Worksheet
  • "Favorite Weather" Worksheet
  • "Favorite Sports" Worksheet
  • "Favorite Subjects" Worksheet
  • "Favorite Foods" Worksheet
  • "Hobbies" Worksheet
  • ”Decorate Your Locker” Worksheet
  • "Things I'm Good At" Worksheet
  • "Things I Need Help With" Worksheet
  • "I Wish My Teacher Knew.." Worksheet


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