Life Skills Student Business Idea: Flower Seed Bombs

Life Skills Student Business Idea: Flower Seed Bombs

I am always on the lookout for hands-on and engaging ways to give students meaningful learning opportunities in my classroom. In the past, I have worked with my students on fundraising by creating these handmade flower seed bombs all from scratch.

I created visual task analysis strips to help students of all learning levels follow along with each step of the process.


Students then worked together in groups to help prep each step.

Students who needed a bit more practice could even individually show their comprehension of the steps using the booklet to assess understanding.

At the end of the unit, we packaged up all our bags and started taking orders from staff who were interested. When I did this fundraiser, I sold each bag for $5 and they sold like crazy! Lots of orders came in for multiple bags. I timed this fundraiser to be around Mother's Day, and it really was a hit.
Students were able to practice skills like:
    elapsed time
    cooking tools safety
    fine motor skills
    reading a map for deliveries
    calculating change
    working in groups
    and so much more!

    The cost to start this project up was relatively low. You can use recycled paper for the flower bombs. All you really need are some WILDFLOWER SEEDS and PACKAGING. If you'd like the lessons associated with this activity, you can click on the picture below to check them out as well!

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